Brain Changers

My past work with Judy Muller of True Fruit and my current work developing leadership training seminars has sparked an interest in techniques that improve the ways we work and think every day. I call them “brain changers” and they vary widely. Meditation is a brain changer. Sugar–or eliminating sugar–is a brain changer. Now people are using games to change their brains too.

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AutoPCO Kudos

I’m grateful to Sheila Rambeck of RambeckLaw PC, a Member of the Fayette PowerCore Team, for her endorsement of AutoPCO:

The AutoPCO program has made my term as Participation Coordinator a breeze.  In less than five minutes, I’ve been able to produce and e-mail the week’s agenda for my team.  I can’t imagine how the PCO did this before this program existed.

AutoPCO is an automated spreadsheet with a special mission: to make it easy to be a PowerCore ParticipationCoCordinator.

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